Fortis SpeedCore

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Fortis Technologies has six reversed phase Core-Shell phases available:
  Particle Size  S.A.  Pore Size  % Carbon  USP 

NEW SpeedCore C18-PFP

 2.6um or 5um 140 m2/g  80 A  L1
SpeedCore RP18-AMIDE  2.6um or 5um  140 m2/g  80 A   9 L60
SpeedCore C18   2.6um or 5um 140 m2/g   80 A  10 L1
SpeedCore Diphenyl   2.6um or 5um 140 m2/g   80 A   7 L11
  SpeedCore PFP   2.6um or 5um 140 m2/g 80 A   6 L43
 SpeedCore HILIC   2.6um or 5um 140 m2/g 80 A N/A L3


Four new core-shell particles are available for high sensitive Bioanalysis:
 Particle Size   S.A.   Pore Size  % Carbon  USP
 SpeedCore BIO Peptide C18  2.6um  – 160A  6 L1
 SpeedCore BIO Protein C18  3.5um  – 300A  4 L1
 SpeedCore BIO Protein C8  3.5um  –  300A  3 L7
 SpeedCore BIO Protein C4  3.5um  –  300A  2  L26


Fortis SpeedCore is the very latest in technology, providing low backpressure, high efficiency separations.  By having an orthogonal choice of selectivity’s you can optimise resolution even with high speed separations.

2.6µm particles incorporate a 1.8µm solid core, with a 0.4µm outer porous shell.


5µ particles incorporate a 4.0µm solid core, with a 0.4µm outer porous shell.

SpeedCore BIO Peptide C18 has 2.0um solid core with a 0.3um porous shell, optimised for peptide separations.

SpeedCore BIO Protein has a 3.1um solid core with a 0.2um porous shell, optimised for protein separations.